Gallery and Linked Projects

Kate is working on a variety of creative projects. Some are independent pieces, just for the fun of it, others are linked to her novels. These vary from illustrations in ink, sculpting and graphics.

Novels and Art

"Writing is my number one passion, but I love all forms of creativity. When I write, I have very strong visuals, so have been very lucky to be able to design the art for the book covers.
The latest book cover for 'Time: The Immortal Divide', started off as hand-drawn art, just sketched out in pencil. Once I had a shape and figure I was happy with, I inked it, using pens with different nib widths. Then, once I was happy with the illustration, it got worked on and finished in Photoshop, adding text and finalizing the layout.
I had originally thought that the third book cover would be very similar to the first two, just a different colourway. But, once the novel was finished, I knew exactly what I wanted the cover to be. It does flow with the same shape as the first two, but it had to be more Earth based."

Novels, Film and Music...

"I've been very lucky to be involved in some amazing music projects. One of those projects was the linking of the Tumultus novel with a soundtrack CD by James Blade. James took inspiration from the novel, writing tracks that emphasized the mental and emotional impact of the storylines; varying from aggressive, rock-based, kutu-warrior tracks, to orchestral pieces that highlighted the poignant moments."

"It was great to be part of the making of a short film trailer for Time: The Immortal Divide. My part was writing the script and the overall feel and direction. For the theme, I took inspiration from the very end of the second novel, Tumultus, so the narrative would lead directly to the beginning of the third book. Told from the perspective of Kraniel, one of the kutu, the film trailer for Time: The Immortal Divide is set at a desperately critical moment. This was filmed and edited by Seven Red Guns, with James playing the role of Kraniel, and the soundtrack by PD Sims."


Below is some of Kate's artwork, including the designs for the book covers. There is a great deal more artwork, especially hand-drawn work, so this will be added as time permits.

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Cover art for Before the Gods Before The Gods

Cover design for Before The Gods. The artwork was done in Apophysis and Photohop. It's designed to have a glossy overlay in an X shape in the middle, with the central point being the planet.

Cover art for Tumultus Tumultus

Cover design for Tumultus. I used the same design principles as Before the Gods, but really wanted to go to town with the background. I designed several ornate textures and line patterns and overlaid them to give a background of ordered chaos.

Cover design for Time Time

This is the final draft cover design for Time: The Immortal Divide. At first, I thought that the third book would be gold and silver, in the same wings shape as the first two. But, that all changed once the novel was finished!

Design for matching bookmarks Bookmarks

Front and back design for bookmarks to compliment the first two books.

Part of Tumultus background Part of Tumultus background

This is one of the many pieces of art that I used to 'layer-up' for the background of the cover for Tumultus. This one hasn't been tweaked at this point. I designed it so it would vaguely resemble an angel standing, from the back (do you see the wings shape?!)

Energy planet Energy planet

This again was done for Tumultus, although I didn't end up using it. For a while I was going to have a completely different design. This was playing around with how the kutu life energy would look in its raw form.

CD design 1 CD booklet design

I've done quite a bit of artwork for music CDs (booklets etc). This is a page from one of those CD projects.

Angel pic Angel image

Large illustration inspired by book characters. Drawn by hand, mainly in ink.

Characters Character sketches

When I first starting writing I did many character 'sketches' in various formats. These are some early ones of Orion, Jychanumun and Tachra.

Prey logo Logo design

This was a logo design for an alternative clothing brand. As you can see, I like wings.

Love after death Image, love after death

Page design for a CD booklet

Love after death 2 Another love after death image

Another page design for a CD booklet

Starcatcher Character design for a corporation

A commissioned illustartion for a corporation wanting a character for their 'trendy' (!) market. I wanted to include this to show that even corporates can be creative.