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About KST

KS Turner, Kate-Sarah Turner, is a UK based author of epic fantasy fiction.

Kate originally trained as a designer and illustrator; studying at Saint Martins School of Art and Middlesex University in London, and then stayed in London to work in design. Inspiration for the Chronicles of Fate and Choice books came from a vivid series of dreams. Kate initially tried illustrating her dreams, but found the medium too limiting for the story, so began writing. At first there wasn't any intention of writing novels, but the books soon started to form. Kate says:

"I've always wanted to bring something creative to the world. Something to touch peoples hearts and minds. I've experimented with different creative mediums and used to think that perhaps, if I tried hard enough, I would be an okay fine or graphic artist. I didn't think I could write. But then, the more I wrote, the more I wanted to write and the words just poured forth. I found that writing depicted the stories in my head perfectly. It was my eureka moment; I had found my creative medium. I knew, without a doubt, I had to write."

Kate now lives in Somerset, in the heart of the West Country.

"It's a lovely juxtaposition. I can visit my familiar stomping grounds in London, and then I can go home to luscious scenery, the gentle hum of the West Country, and a brilliant atmosphere for writing. For me, it's a good balance."

When Kate isn't writing, she likes to draw, paint, sculpt, study maths, theology and philosophy, nurture nature, explore, and spend time with friends and family.

One of Kate's favourite quotes is taken from her first novel, Before the Gods:

'Do not let your ideas on limits limit your ideas.'

"This is one of my favourite lines from BTG. It's one of those phrases that, since writing that book, pops into my head regularly. It reminds me never to assume anything is impossible."