Novels by KS Turner

Novels by KS Turner

Novels by KS Turner

The Novels

KS Turner's novels to date, from The Chronicles of Fate and Choice, are:
Before the Gods.
Time: The Immortal Divide. (release date 29th October 2016)

These books are published by Ruby Blaze Publishing, available in Paperback, Hardback and eBook.

The Chronicles of Fate and Choice books are a unique blend of speculative fiction. They're classed in the fantasy genre, although don't fit the 'typical' format for fantasy, or so the industry says.

And here's what some of the press, magazines, and reviewers are saying:

"A cracking novel, filled to the brim with an eloquent, seamless fusion of fantasy and science fiction."
KS Turner's novels have been awarded the monthly 'Must Read Now'.

-- SciFiNow magazine --
"Sumptuously illustrated, seamlessly unravelling an irresistable narrative. A wonderful and much needed welcome break in the production line of fantasy fiction."
KS Turner's novels have been awarded the monthly 'Must Read Now'.

-- Diva magazine --
"Epic, tension-packed, loaded with mysteries and believable characters. A compelling read. Recommended for anyone who's ever wondered where we humans come from and who exactly is looking back at us when we stare out to the stars."
-- Spirit and Destiny magazine --
"A triumph of imaginative fiction. An innovative and startlingly original blend of sci-fi with mythical fantasy and philosophy. It’s a compelling narrative concerning the origins of human beings, the nature of evil and the role of free will in the world and, indeed, the universe."
"Engaging and thought-provoking."

-- BookTime magazine --
"Impressive. Imaginative and speculative. Unique. More please."
"Our favourite fantasy novel this year is an audacious debut novel from K S Turner... Can't wait for the next in the series."

-- BookBag --
"Compelling reading. A work of speculative fiction that is as refreshing as it is accomplished."
-- Fantasy Book Review --
"Genre-defying... a tantalising mix of fantasy, science fiction, psychology, mythology, existential questioning and spirituality... a compelling read."
-- The List Magazine --
"An imaginative, quick moving novel set above standard fantasy fayre."
-- Bookseller Magazine --

If you're new to Kate's work, do take a look at some of the reviews of Before The Gods that have popped up on the internet. It's a good way to get an unbias perspective. A couple of great sites run by book-lovers and with reviews by their professional reviewers are: and

Kate says:

"The novels have powerful characters. The kutu are angels, or gods, or aliens, or indeed all three. I think the human, Tachra describes them perfectly in the prologue of Tumultus:
'These kutu are beautiful, intelligent and strong. They exist in a state of energy and matter, and able to live in any combination of the two. They thrive on change and are constantly moving, seeking to be the best that they can be. The kutu feel and think much as humans do, only more, much more. They are capable of great things, great thoughts and great acts. They can fly like birds when they wish, using their energy wings. I’ve seen them. They can eat as we eat, when in flesh. I have feasted with them. And when they laugh, it lights up the air with the most beautiful colours: fluid, luminous and glittering colours that reflect their very nature. I see their condensed power; it swirls around them in colours that we have no name for. I see their thoughts. All thoughts have intent, complex or simple, and theirs share aspects of both. And I can see inside their souls. Like a map of three-dimensional shapes their essences are clear to me, if I look.'
Along with these striking kutu, and the innocence of early humans here on Earth, I wanted the novels to be action based with weaving plots and sub-plots. But, I also wanted to tackle some of the biggest questions through the novels; questions about our origins, life, death, evil, consiousness and choice. I know... I do like to bite off a big chunk. And this trilogy deserves the biggest chunk I can manage."

Before the Gods. The first book from The Chronicles of Fate and Choice.

I have heard them called many things:
Strangers, gods, angels, visitors.
Do not forget their real names,
Because they know our pasts are not as we've been told.

Tumultus. The second book from The Chronicles of Fate and Choice.

I have heard they’ve done many things:
Controlled and liberated, destroyed and created.
Remember, the balance of greatness can be tipped either way.
Sometimes it is not a case of good and evil.
Sometimes it is just a matter of choice.
And sometimes, choice is all that we have.